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Laser Cladding

Laser powder cladding is a welding technique that involves fusing new material onto worn-out surfaces using a laser. This process strengthens and enhances the original component, significantly extending its lifespan and improving overall engine efficiency. The cost of laser powder cladding is a fraction of what it would cost to purchase a new component.

One of the key benefits of laser powder cladding is the metallurgical bonding it creates. The resulting coating is 100% dense, without any voids or porosity. The laser’s concentrated beam of energy can be precisely focused, allowing for treatment in small, specific areas while keeping the heat-affected zone of the base material shallow. This minimizes the risk of cracking, distortion, or changes in the base material’s metallurgy.

By utilizing laser powder cladding, substantial savings can be achieved as parts that would otherwise be scrapped can be effectively repaired. Our services are available in Hamburg, Germany; Singapore and Osaka, Japan.

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Common applications

  • Reconditioning to standard size of 4-stroke engine piston ring grooves (DNV/GL and NK-certified process).
  • Reconditioning to standard size of turbocharger rotorshafts (bearing areas and sealing grooves), (DNV/GL and NK-certified process).

Examples of further applications

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